Saturday, January 05, 2008

spring cleaning

today s helped me clean out my closet. not exactly spring, but when the time is right. it's been years, no exaggeration, since i've been able to fit everything into my closet. it's kindof sickening how all my clothes spill out, as if i even need that much. s wasn't nearly as brutal about getting rid of things as i thought he'd be. still, it looks a million times better. i'd planned to drop everything off at goodwill, but the mil (mother-in-law) suggested to s that i bring it to the women's shelter. didn't even cross my mind because i always bring things to the consignment place or goodwill.

now i've got the storage space under the stairs, my computer desk & hall closet. heh, it's only taken 5 years. tomorrow we'll tackle rearranging s' apartment. then on to the emotional spring cleaning.

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At 1/9/08, 5:44 PM, Blogger ann-marie said...

doesn't it feel great? i love a good spring cleaning. :)


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