Tuesday, March 25, 2008


yesterday morning 6 people died here in town, before most people were awake. a mother, 4 children and an apparently very distraught father. the details are still coming out, but it appears that the dad killed his wife & 4 adopted children before trying to bring about his own demise. he finally succeeded by driving the family van into a bridge pylon. this was after being released a month ago on bail for embezzlement & money laundering charges.
why? why do people have to bring innocents with them? you may have screwed up your life & felt you couldn't go on. perhaps you thought your family wouldn't have to deal with the 'embarrassment'. but what about your parents? your wife's parents? your neighbors? your friends? the entire community? you can't take them all with you.
i just don't understand. my sympathies are with everyone who knew the family & trying to cope with the loss.



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