Thursday, February 28, 2008

across the pond

well, here i am bloggin from london. i've already wanted to throttle my mother at least half a dozen times (& i'm sure she feels the same about me).
after a hectic & stressful flight out of iowa (my original flight was cancelled, we almost got in an accident on the way to the airport-only 26 cars in the ditch- then i had to connect through detroit & had 10 minutes to get from terminal C29 to A3-go check it out) i finally made it to nyc, took a taxi to suzanne's place & walked around in the rain until we found a nice kosher deli. at least i got to meet suzanne! thanks so much for dinner. you're soo adorable in person & you've got a great apartment!
our flight to london was pretty uneventful, but last night trying to find the shuttle my mum had reserved to get us to the hotel about killed me. she had almost no information about it & kept changing her mind which direction we should go. first this way, ten steps later, let's try that way. i'd want to pull out my hair, but it seems to be falling out anyway. that's what happened today too. she'd change her mind half a dozen times. let's eat at that cafe, no i think the booths by the eye will be about the same, wait, why don't we grab something at a tesco? no, we should walk over to trafalgar sq. finally we ended up at the lovely crypt in st martin's. yum!
anyway, today we woke up late-ish (8am), ate the hotel provided breakfast & took the tube from euston over to o2 where the tut exhibit is housed. it was pretty freezing out. not compared to iowa, of course, but since it was 50 when we got in last night... and the o2 was even colder because there's a skating rink in there. the exhibit was pretty cool, nothing new, but fun to see the things up close. not the famous sarchophagus, though, but some other beautiful pieces.
we then tubed it back to waterloo & got tickets for the eye, then our little lunch tiff, finally lunch at st martin's & wrote some postcards and back to the eye. after i finish up w/ my blogging we'll head back to the hotel to change & see 'wicked'.
ta-ta for now!

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At 2/29/08, 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's how memories are made! :)


At 3/1/08, 2:18 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

I loved meeting (you and your mom), too. When you get back, I will definitely get you and my sister together. We are following in your footsteps and going to London on March 15, so you will definitely have lots to talk about besides what a freak I am. (ha ha.) Hopefully, the rest of your trip will be smooth and super fun, and you'll have a nice flight home.


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