Saturday, February 23, 2008


this is incredibly exhausting. i could definitely use a vacation. oh wait, i am going on one! the weather's looking grim, but we should make it to nyc on tuesday. it'll be a long two days until mum & i get to london on wednesday night. then we're going to cram in a whole bunch of cultural junk and eating. i realize london isn't exactly noteworthy for food, but i've never had high tea or fish and chips. time to indulge. i even got a recommendation for tea from a london butler. we also have to hit an indian restaurant and my old dutch. there's the tut exhibit, the eye, three plays, the national gallery
i'm pretty much packed. only a couple bits & bobs like my toothbrush and wallet left to pack away. that's a first. i usually end up waiting until the wee hours of the day i leave. maybe that'll make it less nerve-wrackig. plus, i'll be away from s. i know i'm going to miss him dreadfully, but maybe he'll miss me too.
well, i've got some cupcakes to frost & a party to go to. more later when i have something else to write about.

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