Friday, February 01, 2008

arthur & bruce

ever met the itis brothers? i have.
that was one of my grandma's favourite jokes. oh, i love(d) that woman.
arthritis & bursitis. yay!
as of monday, my joints have been in excruciating pain. do you have any idea how often you use your shoulders? sure, your wrists are useful for moving those things that dangle off the ends of your arms, but your shoulders do quite a bit too. especially when you're trying desperately not to use them. mmmm, washing your hair or taking off your shirt is scream-inducing when you can't exactly move your arms above your head. not that screaming relieves any of the pain. oh no, not your joints that feel like big balls of pain.
last night i couldn't sleep for the hurting. i called the urgentcare clinic this morning when i got to work & they set me up for 10.20am. the doctor who saw me said he could tell i was hurting & said he wanted to do steroid injections into my worst joints (shoulders, wrists, knee & ankle). i politely declined, since he also offered a pill option to try out first. yeah, not scared about needles, but i've heard steroid injections can hurt too. hopefully things will be better by next thursday when i have my 8 week infusion. today was 7 weeks since the last one & i guess my body is in need of the next one.
in fact, i've decided that i love my elbows because they're the only ones, thus far, that don't ache or hurt.

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At 2/3/08, 4:04 PM, Anonymous Suzanne said...

Oh, poor you. I've had shoulder pain on and off for years, but I can't imagine the constant pain you are describing. I hope the pills work, but if not, go for the injections.

At 2/4/08, 9:36 PM, Blogger mar said...

i seem to be doing better, but still in some pain.
you had to have surgery, didn't you? that's way more extreme than what i have going on right now.


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