Thursday, January 10, 2008


this morning some friends leave for a month in asia. i am so jealous, even if i do leave for london via nyc in…47 days. that sounds like a lot more than saying 6 weeks. i've truly missed traveling. the last time I went abroad was 5 years ago. that's the longest time in between trips since i started my trekking at 16. as previously mentioned, this will be my fifth trip to london. it's nice to have the familiarity of a big city that you’ve seen once or twice (or fice?), but knowing that there’s always more to see, and what you’ve seen before may have changed ever so slightly. i'm looking forward to the national gallery, the new tut exhibit and eating at my favourite london restaurant-my old dutch. can't wait!
my coworker just got back from her first trip to london. she thought she was getting a tour with some other people since she went by herself. nope, turns out they just gave her some vouchers for things like a play and a bus tour of the city. she was there for new year’s eve & her birthday, all alone. i don’t think i’d mind & she said she didn’t. makes me reminisce about my first trip. there were eight of us from my hs. 4 guys, 4 girls, plus our English teacher who’d arranged the trip under the umbrella of the drama club going to see Shakespeare & other good theatre. 2 of the guys, one being my best friend’s older brother chad, & his best pal at the time, dan, had actually graduated. ahhhh, memories. my roomie & friend since kindergarten went on the trip with her bf at the time. i can't say i appreciated paul peeping in our window in attempts to get nikki to come outside to make out or whatever i thought they might be doing in my innocence at the time.
with any luck, this trip will be the best one yet. my mom will have more than 3 days to explore the city & i'll be able to revisit all my favourite haunts (st martin's crypt, my old dutch, national gallery) & maybe catch some new ones.

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