Saturday, March 08, 2008

nyc circa feb 26

okay, here's my much-anticipated bloggings on my trip. (ha!)
after a delayed arrival in nyc, mum & i grabbed a cab from lga into the city. i called suzanne on the way to let her know that i'd made it. we finally got to her place (very nice, hugely spacious apartment) wherein i saw the purple chairs & met the infamous tycho.
even though it was sprinkling, mum & i were down for a brief walking tour. with her close proximity to the natural history museum, we spied this bizarre statue of tr out front. i couldn't find any close-ups, but a mounted tr is flanked by an indian and what appears to be a naked 'negro', as my mother said. not sure of the significance. did you ever find out, suzanne?
anyway, after passing that bit of interesting culture, we ducked into central park to see the john lennon imagine memorial, then figured out a place to eat. yummy bagel, lox & fake cream cheese for me, while suz & mum had pastrami. thanks for dinner! brief detour to a cupcake place to grab some snackies for breakfast, we headed back to suzanne's. met hubby, then suzanne kindly guided us to the subway and airtrain back to jfk & we snagged a shuttle to the hotel for our 8am flight the next morning. more to come later.
also, is that dismantled piano still sitting outside your apartment?

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At 3/22/08, 5:39 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Excellent summary of the trip. I had such a good time meeting you. Sorry I dragged you around in the rain. Sometimes I am too ambitious...

Anyway, I never did figure out what was up with TR, but I will investigate this week. Also, most of the piano was gone when I left for my trip, but not all of it. Now I am curious if it will be there when I get back. Ha ha ha.


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