Sunday, May 11, 2008

frickin' frack!!

so i'm going along with life, just trying to get by and move forward. writing (surpassed 18,000 words last night!) and trying to take everyone's advice to sever s from my life, at least for a period of healing.
and now my stupid ex-bf has decided he wants to rekindle our friendship after more than 3 years. he's been incredibly apologetic for all the hurt he put me through (because he was getting over a past relationship himself, dulling his senses with alcohol, yada, yada). he wants us to have communication again. it's so much in my past that all it serves to do is remind me how painful things are right now & how much he hurt me was not even a tiny fraction of the agony i feel when i think about losing s.
i just want to look ahead to the future, not rehash the past. why is that so hard to understand?

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At 5/13/08, 11:26 AM, Anonymous Suzanne said...

I guess it is true that when it rains, it pours... It is incredibly selfish of that ex-boyfriend to just expect that he can reappear in your life whenever it is convenient for him. Do what is best for you, but I sort of hope you tell him to buzz off.

At 5/18/08, 1:52 PM, Blogger mar said...

i did.
i had much guilt over it last week. now? i can't bring myself to care. he didn't 3 years ago, so why should i?


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