Monday, April 28, 2008


so i know i've been regularly down in the dumps. today is much the same, particularly as i am anticipating the curse my monthly reminder of the glories of womanhood.
what set me off this time was the fact that my saved voicemail messages, some of which i'd been keeping for over a year and a half, are no more. i realized that i no longer got the message to access saved voicemails after checking my mail & wrote to verizon customer service. they said i'd have to call tech support, so i did that today on lunch. 20 minutes (which is actually a pretty reasonable time) of working with bryan (brian?), he discovered that indeed my voicemail was working fine. though he was surprised to discover that it only saves for a maximum of 21 days. messages from my brother for my birthday, the first voicemail from s & others. *sigh*

"hi m. it's s. i went out with some friends last night and i forgot my phone so that's why i missed, that's why i missed your call. it's not that i didn't call; it's just that i didn't have my phone. i'll talk to you later.
"waking up with you in my arms was a wonderful feeling. *muah*"

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At 4/29/08, 11:40 AM, Anonymous Suzanne said...

Hey, I'm ragging it, too! I wish I could blame my excessive bitchiness today on that, but alas, unlike you, I am afraid that I am unstable regardless of menstrual status. :)

Sorry you lost your messages. It's pretty crazy that you were able to save them for so long. I'm not sure that makes the current situation better (at least you didn't lose them 15 months ago) or worse (why now?). Hope your day and week get better.

At 4/29/08, 7:57 PM, Blogger mar said...

thanks, suz.
hope your week gets better too.


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