Thursday, April 24, 2008

sesquicentennial post

isn't that, like, the best word ever? this is my 150th post on this blog. and since it's been around for 3 years that's only an average of about 50 posts per annum. barely one a week. pathetic compared to some of my awesome bloggy friends who even post multiple times per day.
not much going on. still in the dumps over you-know-who, planning to go to a sushi dance party tonight & i'll be helping to prep the food, it's a gorgeous saturday & i just got my hair cut (haven't had even a trim since december & whoa does it feel good-i got a good chop-chop on my last terrible breakup, which was nothing in comparison to this one & that was incredibly cathartic), saw s this morning & hopefully he'll come to the party tonight because i don't want to be the only one with custody to 'our friends'.
i'm letting the breeze blow through the apartment & i plan to finish reading my book (agatha christie-lord edgware dies). then maybe a nice, not too sweaty because i don't want to ruin the beautiful smoothness that is my hair, workout. little nap & off to the par-tay! a good saturday all around.



At 4/26/08, 7:48 PM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

If I was there I would drag you away from the party in case he IS there. Tough love. Seeing him is just like stabbing yourself over and over...Stay away!!! Caution. I hate to be so harsh but I speak the Truth.

At 4/27/08, 12:10 AM, Blogger mar said...

don't worry. he wasn't there.
and i didn't call him to see if he was coming over either.

At 4/28/08, 12:05 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

That's good. I hope you had a very fun time at the party. It sounds like a cool event.


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