Friday, April 18, 2008

am i overreacting?

this is only my most recent note to my landlord about the dude who lives above me.

3/17/08-once again, disturbances from the apartment upstairs woke me from a deep sleep. on sunday evening/monday morning at 3:30am, i woke to the sound of music reverberating through my ceiling. loud talking between at least two people and the sound of walking/thumping continued for approximately 40 minutes. it also sounds as though the stereo that is the brunt of the problem is located in or near the bedroom area, which is the main cause of my problem. since the beginning of the year, i have had to pound on my ceiling on a number of occasions to stop the noise.
this has been going on, off and on, since at least september of last year. i have neglected to document each of these occurrences because i hoped that they would at some point stop. i don’t think it’s too much to ask that noise levels between the hours of 10pm to 6am are maintained at a reasonable level, if not during the entire day.
thank you again for your consideration of this matter.
xxx x dxxxxx street
apartment 2
3/26/08 at 1:20am-music and bass vibrating through my ceiling wake me up. it sounded like there were multiple people in the apartment above. after 20 minutes of this, i pounded on the ceiling for approximately a minute to get them to stop or at least turn down the music to a reasonable level.
4:45am-again, the same morning, i heard loud talking, singing and yelling (“woooo! woooo!”) from upstairs. being unable to return to sleep after more than 15 minutes, i had to pound on the ceiling again.
4/8/08 at 10:10pm-music at an unacceptable level began playing from the upstairs apartment. the tenant also started singing along loudly in spanish. the noise is so great that i was able to distinguish specific words that he was singing. persistent stomping also rattles my bedroom as though someone is going to break through the ceiling. the music and singing continued until well past 11:30pm when i had to pound on the ceiling repetitively to get him to stop.
4/17/08 at 10:22pm-loud music started playing after i was in bed and my apartment shakes from the reverberation. i pounded on the ceiling within a couple of minutes. i could hear someone moving around in the bathroom, then water running & then the music stopped.
4/18/08 at 2:47am-stomping and loud coughing/retching noises woke me from a sound sleep. thuds, stumbling and tripping noises continued and then someone shouting “woo, woo-woo!” came through clearly, more than half a dozen times. music began playing noisily. i pounded on the ceiling again and waited for a response. after ten minutes the clamor continued, so i pounded harder and bruised my wrist on the texturized ceiling. this was my own fault. i waited and the music stopped, but was followed by a “boom! boom! boom!”, which could only be made by someone jumping, waiting a few seconds and jumping again. three times i heard a male voice curse audibly in spanish, using the word b#tch or whore (puta). i can only assume this was directed at me. finally, the noise subsided and i was able to try to go back to sleep after that unsettling incident.
i can't bear the idea that i’m bothering you with so many complaints as i have onsidered this my home for the past 6 years. especially after this experience, i am quite concerned for my security in my own apartment. i worry that by reporting these disturbances, i am only opening myself up to further retaliation.

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At 4/18/08, 10:53 AM, Blogger super des said...

Has the management not done anything about it? You might skip them and try calling the police next time with a noise complaint.

At 4/18/08, 1:07 PM, Blogger mar said...

oh yeah, they 'did' something. the landlord went up & talked to him and his response was i wasn't being loud. maybe it was when my little daughter was here & she was running around. and the landlord said that he couldn't understand him very well because of his accent. ps~ my landlord's a bit of a dumb@$$.
the annoying neighbor did leave me a note w/ his phone number to call if he's ever noisy, except that i'm paranoid (plus i despise talking on the phone) & worry that if i call him at 3am, then he'll have my number & he can actually harrass me by calling back whenever.

At 4/18/08, 1:07 PM, Blogger mar said...

also, it's not noisy anywhere except in my actual apartment. it's not like it's echoing out into the streets. unfortunately.

At 4/18/08, 9:17 PM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

What. Is. Wrong. With. People??

At 4/21/08, 4:37 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...


At 5/2/08, 5:03 AM, Blogger tena said...



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