Monday, April 21, 2008


this morning i called to see when i could get an appointment with one of the two chiro docs i e-mailed last week. the options were the older, traditional doc & the younger one at the hippy place where i had acupuncture 4 weeks ago. i agreed w/ s that i sorta lean towards the hippy-ish one for that sortof treatment, but i'd had two recommendations for the other one. thought i'd go to both of them & see who i was more comfortable with. well, i tried the older one's office first & no one answered the phone, so i called the hippy place & the receptionist said he'd check with the doctor since i requested a later appointment. he called me right back & said the doc could see me at 4.30 today. howdy! sure since my shoulder was twinging a bit.
so i skipped lunch and left work early. i end up being quite chatty with doctors. maybe it's nerves or something. i mean, he was asking me questions, so felt obligated to answer them thorougly. ha!
anyway, dr. r made me feel very comfortable as this was my first official chiro appointment. he used a technique my friend e in chiropractic school recommended where he put these wedges under certain parts of my body. then he clicked me with this gun, button-looking thingy along my spine & neck. feels pretty good & i'm headed back on wednesday for a check to make sure i'm still aligned.
this isn't just for my cricky shoulder, but to assist with my joint inflammation & the gi stuff. and i also asked if he ever treated ptsd because my friend e had mentioned that they do that kinda thing too. yep, he said they have lots of things to do for it. that's good.



At 4/22/08, 11:40 AM, Anonymous Suzanne said...

Sounds like a good practitioner. I hope he brings you some relief.

At 4/22/08, 12:14 PM, Blogger mar said...

oh, but i woke up in hurt this morning. my back & neck where he'd used the clicker were sore. he did say i might be stiff, but ouch! nothing like the joint pain i've been suffering though. and two advils seemed to take care of it.

At 4/28/08, 12:04 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

At least the advil worked.


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