Saturday, May 31, 2008

givin' some lovin'

thanks to the bundle of sweetness that is suzanne, i am now the proud winner of a shiny, new blogger award.

i'm blushing about the same colour as my hair when i read her post. i don't even know if i have 10 'bliends' i can acknowledge for how much i love them & reading their daily thoughts. i know i don't have 10 that haven't already been cool enough to receive this award from someone else. i guess i'm just gonna have to double up. here goes, in no order whatsoever:

1. cuss i read daily because suzanne's wit & wisdom is just too blunt & funny to go without. and meeting her was definitely the highlight of my first 'real' visit to nyc.
2. des is another kickass woman, who i can't wait to meet irl because she certainly doesn't mince words either.
3. suebob of redstapler always, always makes me think and more often than not splort any beverage on my computer screen with her anecdotes. she is simply awesomeness personified.
4. mdog is another some time snarky woman whose posts i enjoy & am glad to have met through the love of a musician's, now defunct, messageboard. (well the ol' beboard is defunct; i'm sure there's one that's operating now, but it'll never be the same as the old gang.) and through her blog i've been introduced to people i read regularly, even though they have no clue who i am lurking about reading their thoughts. (how creepy am i!?!?)
5. meegs, another former beboarder, has a wonderful grasp of sarcasm & thought-provoking social commentary. i only wish that my mind worked so logically.
6. can't forget amo & her blog, although with the new job it's going on two months since her last post. she's always encouraging & articulate. something about chicago & something about the beboard i guess. 3 former boardies & 3 chicago-ans.
7. i'm running out of steam, but that doesn't mean that jonniker is any less of a fascinating read. her stream of consciousness style & brilliant commenters always makes me wish i could respond to every topic. i find myself nodding & laughing in agreement with all of her posts.
8. this is one of those lurky ones i stole from mdog, formerly b109. it's now mostly a photoblog, and i love it just as much as when she posted more wordy blogs. i've been reading for a couple years & her god-given talent as a photographer astounds me. really incredible.
9. another one i've read for probably 3 years via mdog, lemonscarlet. because she has no comments enabled, i feel like a creepy stalker reading about her life & her amusing take on things.
10. this is a cheap shot because it's a joint blog i'm on, but missingtupperware is the way i keep in touch with my rl friends, a & j, both of whom used to live in the ol' apartment complex. they may have moved on, but at least i can keep up to date on their lives since i'm a terrible phone-o-phobe.

hope i didn't forget anyone or freak anyone out by mentioning how often i read. i neglected some friends' myspace blogs since they're private listings.
lotsa love!

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At 6/1/08, 10:36 AM, Blogger super des said...

The problem with running in the same blog circle is the repetition of stuff like this. There are at least 4 people on your list that would have been on mine as well. (And you too, of course.) So I didn't bother making a list.

At 6/1/08, 12:07 PM, Blogger mar said...

and i have yet to get around to notifying my awardies.
i'm not quite sure how to tell the people i'm blog-stalking about it. ;)

At 6/2/08, 7:25 AM, Blogger mdog said...

i love that i have created so many blog addictions for you. :)

also, i don't think rachel goes by b109 anymore... probably just sixthreeseven.

also also... yay beboard! :)

At 6/2/08, 12:20 PM, Blogger ann-marie said...

aw, thanks for including me in your list. i must have felt the love, 'cause i blogged the other day! i'm back, baby! :D

At 6/2/08, 5:10 PM, Anonymous Suzanne said...

I'm just happy to know you all. I am planning to come to Ioway in the fall sometime, so we can hang out more then!


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