Monday, May 26, 2008

what goes around?

so i walked up to my apartment this morning (was at s' for the evening because after i finished writing & tried to go to sleep upstairs jerk started stomping around like crazy & i needed rest). as i headed to the door, a mustang convertible pulled into the lot. i'd seen it before & was pretty sure it was a friend of the neighbor. meh, whatever.
just seconds ago while i was sitting on the couch about to start revising, i hear this horrific crunching noise that sounds so familiar. i was in the living room when the girl neighbor's bf smashed into my car 3 years ago. i peer out the blinds & see the mustang sitting next to the concrete stoop opposite my door. apparently he'd cut it too close & smashed the passenger side front bumper right into it. and it's one of those low-riding cars too. over a year ago s & i had walked into the lot only to see another neighbor drive his station wagon right over top of the foot high step. the car nearly pulled a dukes of hazzard move riding on two tires. good times.
i have to admit that i had a little giggle at their expense & immediately called s, but i do feel bad about all the damage. to the stoop.



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