Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm ever so cumorous

apparently this fantastic new word is an amalgamation of cute and humorous. on his way out from my apartment last night, s ended up combining those words. we had lasagna at my place while watching little britain: live, then he took me downtown to coldstone. i tried & decided on the blueberry muffin batter with pecans (like banana-nut or cranberry walnut muffins-it was tasty!) and he had cake batter with brownie & cookie dough mix-ins. it was a fun night. and my friend h agrees that cumorous is the word for me, now that she knows that word.
tomorrow i start my online class in medical coding. it's only 6 weeks-twelve lessons, but i wonder how difficult it’s actually going to be. people spend 18 months, at least to get a degree in coding. this will only be for a “certificate”, but i'm hoping that it’ll be a nice bump on my résumé since i'm in the market for a job in the insurance claims/billing department. is it so wrong that i want to work closer to home? (yeah, yeah, my 30 minute walking commute would be cut in half, poor baby) there’s not much option besides staying in the university system because i cannot give up a job with benefits this good. (my every <2 month infusions cost around $5000 a pop, so i can’t exactly lose or risk changing my insurance. i only have to make a $10 co-pay on them & i know people who have to pay $400 or more each session.) if i went to the business office, i'd be taking a slight pay cut to start because of a change in job titles, but if it was something i liked better & stayed in that position would end up with a higher salary in the long run. maybe the pros outweigh the cons. i need to get out of here before i get a lateral promotion with no recognition & more stress/responsibility that i have no desire to take on when my coworker graduates from nursing school next spring.
the problem is, i just don’t know what i want to do when i grow up. even on the off chance i get this book published & start writing the second one, i don’t see it as a full-time occupation. partly because of the insurance thing & also because i can’t see it as a ‘steady’ income.
wait, what happened to me being cute & humorous? when did this turn into a whinging session? i had a pretty fantastic & relaxing weekend, besides devouring a teen vampire novel, working overtime, hitting the farmer’s market, got to spend plenty of time with s when he was home in the evenings after drill. we even went to a concert on saturday. and on friday night before falling asleep we talked for about an hour & he wanted to know if he treated me okay. he should have asked that after covering me in silly string on sunday night when i walked in the door to his apartment. it's getting there. after all, how can he resist someone as cumorous as i am?

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At 7/15/08, 4:47 PM, Blogger super des said...

You are beyond cumourous. You are adhumourable.

At 7/15/08, 7:04 PM, Blogger mar said...

ha! thanks!

At 7/21/08, 5:20 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

The guy who is teaching my writing class tells us every week not to plan on a career in writing. He says once you let go of the idea of a career, you are free to write what you want and that is when writing is at its most pleasurable. It's very interesting. I've learned a lot from this class. Also, I am 32 and I change my mind as to what I want to do when I grow up every decade or so.


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