Tuesday, June 10, 2008

wedding burn

no, nobody got left at the altar yesterday. the title is just in reference to the fact that the two redheaded bridesmaids got a bit pink after spending the day taking pictures (scheduled from 10.45am to 3.45pm! before the 4.30 ceremony! with hair appt at 8am!). actually it didn't look so bad & the tops of my shoulders had a somewhat pink-ish tinge and the freckles were a-poppin' out in full force, but then as the evening progressed, my twin started getting pinker & pinker and we realized that i had a distinct line if my strapless dress slipped down a bit in front or back.
eventually we were standing up at the altar (i was in the first couple to go down the aisle & the last one to leave, meaning i had to stand up there the longest, argh!) my knees shook a little, but i was so proud of mandy & tom. i hope i can find a love like that. i mean, i thought i had.
after the ceremony, the bride's brother & the best man kidnapped the wedding party & we made a dash into town to one of the local bars for a quick drink. the bartender, surprised by a wedding on a monday, benevolently gave us all shots (scooby snacks! plus jager bomb for tom) and beers. 9 shots & 8 beers for $22.
back at the reception dinner we had some good eats-roast beast, salad, chicken cordon bleu, roasted potatoes and green beans. then the dancing started. luckily by then i'd had enough to drink so i joined in with the rest of the bridal party for the chicken dance followed by the hokey pokey.
it started to get much too hot & feverish as the evening progressed. after pouring buckets of rain & having the news from the twin cities here to document the flooding from saturday/sunday, the weather was perfect for the wedding and it turned out beautifully. i'm so happy for mandy & tom and honoured that they included me in their special day.
i love you guys.

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At 6/10/08, 8:19 PM, Blogger super des said...

sneaking away after the ceremony is a pretty good idea. My friends had their reception IN AN IRISH PUB, and lemme tell ya, the relief of it being all over showed in the couple's imbibing.
Glad you had fun!


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