Sunday, January 04, 2009

reading list 2008: a review

yet again this year i read quite a few books. look below for a (mostly) complete list, in close to chronological order.

hickory dickory dock by agatha christie
partners in crime by agatha christie
the regatta mystery and other stories by agatha christie
an incomplete education: 3,684 things you should have learned but probably didn't by judy jones and william wilson (okay, so i mostly skimmed this one)
adverbs by daniel handler (also known as lemony snicket and i also skimmed this one)
there is a tide by agatha christie
the under dog and other stories by agatha christie
remembered death by agatha christie
interred with their bones by jennifer lee carrell
n or m? by agatha christie
the labors of hercules by agatha christie (a poirot mystery)
the mysterious mr. quin by agatha christie (these harley quin ones kinda creep me out a little)
wicked by gregory maguire
the other boleyn girl by philippa gregory (these last 2 i read while on my trip to london)
the whipping boy by sid fleischmann (i remember reading this from my elem. school library)
the thirteen problems by agatha christie (i so love the short story compilations)
the seven dials mystery by agatha christie
the midwife's apprentice by karen cushman (another children's book)
the mirror crack'd by agatha christie
the giver by lois lowry (i was a bit old when this came out, so hadn't read it before. dark.)
murder on the orient express by agatha christie (this one doesn't get old)
the hollow by agatha christie
third girl by agatha christie
lord edgware dies by agatha christie
three act tragedy by agatha christie
more saints: lives and illuminations by ruth sanderson (another kiddie book-just reading up on a newly beatified saint)
absent in the spring by mary westmacott (aka by agatha christie)
the daring book for girls by andrea buchanan and miriam peskowitz
why didn't they ask evans by agatha christie
double sin and other stories by agatha christie
a game of thrones by rr martin
how to write a children's book and get it published by barbara seuling (also received this as a gift at christmas this year-can't return it because a little girl at s's parents' place ate it on new year's day)
gideon the cutpurse by linda buckley-archer (this is really similar to the book i wrote in that it involves time travel)
yellow star by jennifer roy (this is a sad children's book from the perspective of the author's aunt when she was 4 & in hiding from nazis. in verse)
twilight by stephenie meyer (embarrassing, but i had to read them)
new moon by stephenie meyer
a clash of kings by rr martin
eclipse by stephenie meyer
so many steps to death by agatha christie
the moving finger by agatha christie
the gargoyle by andrew davidson (really interesting, but i had no attachment to the main female character. just thought she was crazy)
ordeal by innocence by agatha christie
breaking dawn by stephenie meyer (i dealt with waiting for this on the library hold list. so stupid)
one, two, buckle my shoe by agatha christie (okay, annoying when titles change & there are multiple copies or british titles of the same book you've already read!)
miss marple: the complete short stories by agatha christie (i love miss marple!)
the mystery of the blue train by agatha christie
murder at hazelmoor by agatha christie
ties that bind, ties that break by lensey namioka (interesting children's book about a girl who doesn't want her feet bound in the early 20th century china)
bud, not buddy by christopher paul curtis (newbery medal winner-historical perspective of an orphaned black boy in 1930s michigan)
postern of fate by agatha christie
hercule poirot's christmas by agatha christie
witness for the prosecution and other stories by agatha christie
smart girls like me by diane vadino (boy was this one insipid, but i finished it)
american wife by curtis sittenfeld (i like curtis sittenfeld; prep was my favourite & man of my dreams seemed like a watered down version, but american wife held up the hype for the most part)
sleeping murder by agatha christie
spider's web by agatha christie (a play adapted into a novel by charles osborne)

i intend to read at least as many books this year and continue making my way through agatha christie's entire collection. i also want to read all the newbery & caldecott winners eventually. i'm also going to be continuing researching the period in which my book takes place (1893 chicago world's fair). i received two original 115 year old books for christmas, one photo album & the other a guidebook, to incorporate more details.
what are you reading/planning to read this year?



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