Thursday, January 01, 2009

viva la resolution!

welcome to 2009!

i can't say that last night was too eventful-third new year's eve spent with s, 2nd geek-a-palooza. we spent it, much like last year, with his best friend j & his fiancee b, and the best friend's younger brother t who happens to live with s this year. i made a ham, artichoke heart, fresh mozarrella & pesto pizza for dinner, then we hit the store to buy the requisite booze. i also bought ingredients to make creme brulee french toast for this morning.

even though resolutions are completely trite these days, i'm still considering some generalized things to attempt for this year. i'm working my way through my life list of things to do by the time i'm thirty. well, today is exactly 1 month until my thirtieth birthday. the whole publication thing won't actually happen in the next month, but i'm working on submitting things, slowly but surely. trying to get healthier, but obstacles keep presenting themselves (see-arthritis, etc.)

some things that i could probably accomplish in the next 6 months if i set my mind to it (and that's close enough to 30 for me)
  • go skiing
  • throw my parents a joint birthday party (march 31 & april 8)
  • working on paying off my credit cards
  • see the cubs at wrigley
  • write & submit an article to publish
  • keep submitting book to publishers/agents (1 rejection already in the bag)
  • outline & research my 2nd book
i'd like to end this post with a couple generalizations of resolutions:

  • i'd like to be nicer
  • greener
  • healthier (or try, if my condition allows)
  • wealthier (in spirit, if not monetarily)
  • more productive
  • smarter (taking another continuing ed class?)
  • and most important --- happier
happy new year to all of you. i love your presence in my life!

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At 1/2/09, 10:17 AM, Blogger Ann-Marie said...

Happy New Year! David and I would be more than happy to join you for that Cubs game . . .

At 1/2/09, 1:38 PM, Blogger mar said...

well, if i ever make into in chi-town proper, i know how to reach you!


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