Friday, May 14, 2010


on sunday, we went out to dinnerr for mother's day with s' family. on the way there, i found out one of the major factors as to why s doesn't want to get married. not that i'm actually in all that much of a rush.
he comes from a big italian catholic family; there are 4 kids and his mom has 6 brothers and sisters. while we driving to the restaurant, he told me that he would not be the first child to get married from his family because that would require huge festivities. for years, i have been saying how i would like to elope and maybe have a good-sized reception shortly thereafter. i've got a pretty big family too, but my brother did the big fancy party, so that gets me out of it. besides, my parents always told me, even when i was fairly young, that they were going to get me a ladder for my wedding. nevermind the cliches about eloping have the bride climbing out the window and the fact that my room was in the basement when i lived at home.
at least now i know what some of qualms about getting married have very little to do with me. and his older brother is in a serious relationship and s said that he would love to have a big wedding, which perhaps means there's something for us in the near/not-so-distant future. that's good because neither of his sisters has ever been in a serious relationship, even the one who's 6 months older than i am. so there is hope for me after all!

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