Saturday, July 24, 2010

moving week

not moving emotionally, more physical moving. on monday, we drove back down to iowa from the twin cities after s's g-ma's 85th birthday celebration at a twins' game. it was a huge family affair with almost all of his mom's relatives there. on saturday we had a pool party at one of his aunts' houses and all the aunts, who are notoriously judgemental, asked s's brother when he was going to buy a ring for his gf, who was also there. nice, since s & i have been together twice as long, but hey "when the aunts like someone, they like someone" yay for me!
on tuesday, back at work, getting back from lunch, i find that my phone is gone. not to worry, not my cell phone. i mean my work phone. apparently, while i was gone the dial tone stopped as my coworker was using it. she called telecommunications to see what was going on & they suggested maybe the cord was loose. oh no, apparently even that department doesn't communicate with each other because one of the guys had moved it back to where our new office is. at least we kindof knew that the move was coming some time in the near future and that we wouldn't have much notice. the rest of the day i had a computer, but no phone unless i stretched across to the check-in desk.
about midmorning wednesday, my boss's supervisor came by and we unplugged my computer and everything and else and carried it down the hall to bfe where the new office is located. there will be 4 of us in that room, including my boss who has had her office moved 4 times in the last 5 years because the new doctors need offices.
thursday was great, fully functional and moved in. i felt like i accomplished a great deal of work, even though we're still extremely far behind.
and then, my boss calls on friday morning saying she'll be late because her boyfriend is in the emergency room. in california. okay... she didn't call her own boss until afternoon and i ended up staying over an hour late. at least my bank account will appreciate it.

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