Thursday, July 29, 2010

yippee skippy!

so to go along with my excitement for blogher next week, apparently i won a gift certificate to p&g. suh-weet! i'm already thrilled about seeing all my peoples and meeting some new ones, reconnecting with the folks i met last year, the parties, the swag, the sessions! only one week from today & i'll be there. only 2 more full work days, too.
speaking of work days, i'll only be working a half day on friday because s asked me to come with him to the sending off ceremony of his old battalion. the 832nd are being deployed to afghanistan and i'm glad to be able to take the morning off to wish them a safe journey. it also happens to be the largest deployment of iowa soldiers since wwii. both s & my brother were in iraq with combat engineer battalions and i am so glad that neither of them will be sent back again. s was out as of january this year and my brother decided not to re-up after my sil found out she was pregnant.
here's to the brave soldiers: we support you!

wow, that devolved into a pretty serious and sappy post. i'll be sure to keep it more peppy the next time.

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