Tuesday, August 03, 2010


s & i have been discussing our options for the bathroom(s) and what to do with them. since s's dad is a contractor, we're hoping to get an in for first-hand knowledge of what (and what not) to do.
the full bath definitely could use a complete overhaul: new tub, tiled surround and floor, new toilet and sink top. it also looks like we're going to do something with the half-bath on the main floor. there were these bizarre shelving units in the 3'x7' half bath. shelving behind the toilet that ran from floor to ceiling, fine. but it is also on the sink/mirror side, basically boards running top to bottom, but no shelves. last week s pulled them down on the sink side and we'd like to get some tile down and maybe a pedestal sink to make it look a little bigger. his best guess (& wildest hopes and dreams) is that we can do both bathrooms for $1000 or less. i laughed at him. it certainly would be nice to get everything done on such a low budget, but i'll believe it when i see it. any suggestions appreciated!
first things first, we're still waiting on the condo association to arrange our deck door replacement. they have cashed our $500 deposit to order the sliding door.
huh, first world problems, for sure!

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