Sunday, July 20, 2008


by the time i post this, my little brother (who will be 28 in october) will have proposed to his girlfriend of barely one year. i haven't even met the girl, unless you count a couple of speakerphone conversations and some comments on myspace. the parents love her, she's a nurse so she understands the demands of my brother's emt career & they both seem truly smitten. i'm incredibly happy for them. i wonder if they're gonna rush the wedding, since she wants to be married. maybe being engaged for a while will be good enough.

edit- here's a pic of the ring that lb texted me just now. i love how you can see the lake (he proposed at my aunt & uncle's cabin) between her fingers.

on with the really interesting stuff: my love life. monday we had our usual dinner night. tuesday, s picked me up from work because it was too hot to walk. (sweltering 90s) wednesday, met briefly at my place & then he dropped off some .99 tacos from a local mexican place for me. thursday night, s called again & asked if i wanted to stay over. as the likelihood that i'd get more sleep, still not knowing whether my upstairs neighbors would keep me awake (more on that later), i jumped at the chance. we chatted, i watched the rest of supersize me, curled up in bed for a few chapters of my book & zonked out. friday around 8, he called & asked if i wanted to come over to watch drillbit taylor. it was a cute 'tweenish version of superbad, i thought. quite likeable. slept until 11 after a wrestling match of 'please keep your morning breath away from me' when i mentioned my desire to get one of those horrific hardee's prime rib burger things. yes, the commercial talked me into it, plus i love steak. one problem, the local restaurant was smack in the middle of the flooding, so no go. we located the nearest one & road trip! it was actually pretty fun, just to drive out of town, listening to a new cd (the new alkaline trio, which s can't stand because it's too radio-friendly & poppier than their usual stuff) & talking with my sweetie. the rest of the afternoon was spent quite lazily. i flipped through some books/mags while s played a game & we listened to a podcast. man, do i love my weekends.

oh, but my landlord stopped me & asked about the noise because the jerk of an upstairs neighbor is having trouble getting a new lease. or maybe my landlord is having trouble finding someone to sign for the place. either way, i am not pleased about this. he told me 2 months ago, the guy was out. i will be writing up a complaint every time it is loud & if have to i will call the noisy tenant & then call the landlord, even it's 3am. why should he get to sleep if i don't? i really hate the idea of moving after living here 6 years, but i can't go another year the way it has been these past twelve months. *sigh* it never ends.

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At 7/21/08, 5:17 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Your weekend sounds glorious.

Maybe one day in the fall, your neighbor will fall down the stairs after slipping on a banana peel. I won't leave the banana peel there when I come to visit my sister and we all hang out. It'll be a coincidence.

At 7/22/08, 3:46 PM, Blogger jacks said...

Congrats to Guy! He picked out a gorgeous ring!!!


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