Sunday, August 03, 2008

bad mar

so i've been lax on posting this week because i've been helping s move into his new house. for a short time i had a roommate when he was in between places, sunday-wednesday. on wednesday he was able to move into the pit that is his house for the next year. there will be 4 guys living there. the slumlords who rent the place didn't so much as clean anything. the previous tenants had pretty much trashed it & since it's around 100 years old, it's not like the place was spic 'n span to start with. although i've stayed there wednesday night through saturday, i'm not sure how much i will be over there, at least until it's cleaned. the room s chose was the best of the bunch, but i still don't relish the idea of walking barefoot anywhere in the upstairs. i'll be posting the (4 pages typed) list shortly of all the things wrong with the place.
anyway, on to the titular phrase. yesterday we ran some errands & s had an informal interview for a theft prevention job (ie walking around in street clothes to catch shoplifters in the store). basically he has it, though they have to complete a background check & pee test on monday. he'll have no trouble passing those. i bought some shoes while he had his interview. my keen's easily have over 1,000 miles on them in the last 3 years, so it was time for mama to get a new pair of shoes. i checked out the selection and settled on these. partly because they are named for my mother, dolores. and they fit really well. hopefully they work out as nicely as my keens.
s had been saying all week that he wanted to take me to a movie, so after the mall we hit the theatre for 'the dark knight'. it was really well done. i'm not sure if i think heath ledger deserves a posthumous oscar, but he did do an excellent job. and christian bale is yummy to watch. then we snuck into the mummy 3. thus the bad mar reference. by that time it was about 8.30pm and we walked across the parking lot to the pet store. i really wanted to see what a scottie puppy looks like up close, but alas, they had none. instead s had them take out this perfect little dachsund cutie for us to play with. he was just a little lap mooch & would go from one of us to the other. so adorable. i want a puppy, but i would never buy one from petland.
such was my week/weekend. now for chores. and homework. and fly killing because my apartment seems to have more than a couple buzzing around since i've been absent. oh yippee!


At 8/5/08, 10:54 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Flop houses scare me. Keep your cute new shoes on whenever you visit!

At 8/5/08, 1:05 PM, Blogger mar said...

well, we thoroughly cleaned (3+ times) the floor in s's bedroom & the hallway to the bathroom, so i've been forgoing the shoes upstairs, but yeah, everywhere else ugh. and if/when i'm over there when it's more than just the two of us (another 2 roommates moving in at the end of the week), i'll probably wear my flip-flops or the lovely water shoes around the place to slip on.
but last night i found out it's only a 5 minute walk to the dairy queen! :)


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