Thursday, July 24, 2008

doing something nice

last night we went to the johnson county fair. for dinner. you can just imagine what kind of dinner that was. steak sandwich, tenderloin sandwich, turkey leg, funnel cake, corndog, ice cream and cotton candy. no, i didn't eat it all by myself. we shared it all. and it was tasty! gotta make sure i/we don't do that regularly.
when s picked me up from work to go to the fair, he'd vacuumed & cleaned out my whole car. it was so sweet. admittedly, he's the one who made it messy in the first place, but he said he wanted to do something nice for me because i always do nice things for him.
we also got to hang out with his old martial arts teacher from almost 10 years ago. they were doing some demonstrations at the fair & selling their akita puppies. i may have been drawn in. s is checking about his new lease that starts next week. if a puppy enters the picture, i am all about getting advice from the dog owners reading about training a pup. my brother's dog is such a good girl & i will not mistreat a dog by letting her be improperly trained & not socialized like she should.
the weird thing about yesterday is that my ex sent me an e-mail at 8am suggesting that i ditch work & go to a concert with him. i asked him a few months ago to stop pestering me because i was so upset over the situation with s & he finally dropped it (i tried to be friends with him multiple times after our break-up & he wouldn't have any of it, so now he keeps trying when it's what he wants). i was the first person he thought of to go to this concert, but i don't know what he was expecting. that i'd drop everything & run off to some show because he asked? it's funny how i thought i loved him, but it wasn't even 1/100th of the feelings i have/had for s. you just never know the intensity until you've experienced it, i guess.

now playing~ingrid michaelson, courtesy of the ex's suggestion. at least he's good for something. he did fill me in on some gossip about an acquaintance. maybe i should thank him for that.

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At 8/1/08, 8:39 PM, Blogger Suzanne Reisman said...

How I love county (and state!) fairs! My sister invited me and hubby to the Iowa State Fair, but unfortunately, we won't be able to make it. Bah.


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