Saturday, July 26, 2008

cut out?

so i just found out that my brother & his fiancee will have 7 attendants each for the wedding next august. and i may not be asked to be in the wedding. or maybe just as a reader. that seems like a slap in the face if i'm not included in my only sibling's ceremony. my mother doesn't see how that's an issue. really? it's not insulting that immediate family (there's only the 4 of us-mom, dad, brother & i) doesn't participate? oh, okay mom. i won't take it that way, then.
i doubt that she, the fiancee, will neglect her future sister-in-law's involvement (apparently after she said yes, the first thing she asked when she was going to get to meet me), but that my own family don't think it's an important thing boggles my mind. we've always been close-knit & weddings aren't a big deal to me, but my little brother only gets married once (i hope).
should i not be hurt by this? yeesh, even s understands.

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At 7/26/08, 7:15 PM, Blogger super des said...

I would be hurt. 7 attendants? SEVEN? and you're not included? not cool.
but I'm a selfish jerk like that.

At 7/26/08, 11:47 PM, Blogger mar said...

selfish jerk. that was the word i was looking for.
it's not like she has a bunch of sisters either. two brothers, thus 2 existing sis-in-law that should probably be bridesmaids too.

At 7/26/08, 11:48 PM, Blogger mar said...

ps~not calling her a jerk. just bemoaning the fact that my own family doesn't think i ought to be included.

At 7/27/08, 12:02 AM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

I would be so f***ing happy to not have to buy a bridesmaid dress. But I am weird like that.

PS you are famous to me, too

At 7/27/08, 12:06 AM, Blogger mar said...

oh no, that's what i said too, suebob. and i think that's what's throwing my brother off (other than him being a guy, quite literally that's his name) because i was just in a wedding last month.
it's a semi-obligatory thing, i feel. for them to include me & for me to put up with doing the deed.

At 8/1/08, 8:37 PM, Blogger Suzanne Reisman said...

I'm with Suebob, but I also understand why you are hurt.


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