Monday, January 26, 2009

good times

last wednesday, after work, s met me with the car and we drove west for about an hour toward des moines for dinner. we were meeting up with an old friend of mine from college. i'm not sure i've actually even seen c since i graduated in 2001. maybe once after that and that's a long time ago.
she was the first person i officially met when moving into the dorms way back in august of 1997. my folks were trying to make the bed on my lofted bunk and she walked into the room and introduced herself. i still remember my dad being embarassed because my mom couldn't hear her & said she was deaf, turning around to see that c wore a hearing aid. ha! c was a sophomore who had lived on park region 3 the year before when they hadn't yet remodeled the rooms. (somehow i lucked out and got into a basically brand new dorm rather than the virgin vault, also known as the nunnery.) half the floor were park 3 girls who got dibs on the new digs, but they still let us join in the fun and weren't clique-ish about it.
anyway, c is working in des moines and flies in from fargo weekly. she just got engaged a couple weeks ago and i was looking forward to congratulating her in person. it was so great to see her! we chatted about some of the folks we remembered from college & explained to s why neither of us really dated much at concordia (the fact that the odds were about 1/3 gay, 1/3 taken & the other third not worth it basically left us out of the equation, which is fine by me or i wouldn't have been the person i was when i met s).
chatting with old friends you haven't seen in years is so great to bring back the memories. *sigh* i miss my college pals.



At 1/27/09, 7:55 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

I hear you on hanging out with old friends. It's good times. And I am saying that as I cackle over the idea of a virgin vault. Heh heh. I want to call our BlogHer hotel room the virgin vault for fun!

At 1/27/09, 9:18 PM, Blogger mar said...

it was an amusing, and rather apt, location for most of the residents. at least the ones i knew while i was there.

At 1/27/09, 10:03 PM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

My college roommate is still one of my best pals. She was the one who named me "Suebob."

At 1/27/09, 10:37 PM, Blogger mar said...

my old college roomie (one of the virgin vault residents during frosh/sophomore year) was the one whose wedding i was in last june. i don't see her nearly enough. i wish she'd move back to the midwest!


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