Wednesday, February 18, 2009

monday fun day

this hasn't been the best week at work and i haven't even made it through wednesday yet! superbusy and we're a bit short staffed since my supervisor was in cali on monday & the other m had her peds rotation for nursing school from 7-3:30 yesterday, plus she's deathly ill with a cold.
the upside is that i have a new cell phone in the mail (lg env2!) and monday night after work, i called s to say hi and that i was gonna head home rather than see him. he said he'd call a little later because he was at his folks' place. over an hour had passed & i was about to take my laundry over to the washer, but grabbed my phone before i went out the door in case he called. as i walked to the other side of the building i saw my car sitting at the back of the parking lot with the lights on & s inside. shrugging, i took my laundry downstairs & tossed it in. then i walked back over to the car & stood by the driver's side until s rolled down the window.

me: "uh, hi."
s: "helllooo. whatcha doin'?"
me: "what am i doing? laundry. what are you doing?"
he was eating a frosty.
s: "i thought i'd surprise you. um, after i ate this."

silly boy, trying to keep ice cream from me. he came in for a bit & watched ncis while i stumbled around in the crawlspace trying to empty the last couple boxes. then he took me over to his house to spend the night. unfortunately, i decided to partake of a tiny glass of mountain dew after 9pm and with my body's caffeine sensitivity, i was up until 2am. and kept s up when he finally crawled into bed at 1am. i can't stop talking when that happens. he just finds me silly since he couldn't fall asleep either.
hope all are having a good week!

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At 2/18/09, 10:20 AM, Blogger super des said...

Silly boy, keeping ice cream from you indeed.

At 2/18/09, 10:25 AM, Blogger super des said...

ok, my computer just broke so I don't know if my original comment got saved.

It said: silly boy, keeping ice cream from you indeed.

At 2/18/09, 8:00 PM, Blogger mar said...

sorry your 'puter broke.
silly boy indeed!

At 2/19/09, 10:21 AM, Blogger jacks said...

He didn't bring YOU a frosty, too?!

At 2/19/09, 4:21 PM, Blogger mar said...

he picked up dinner at wendy's & planned to wait in the car until he'd finished it. it was well after dinner time, almost 8pm.


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