Wednesday, February 04, 2009

today is a new day

today i had a meeting, via work, with a health coach, to help me be more accountable with my life and stuff. in the past year, since the arthritis hit me hard, i've had an incredibly difficult time with keeping up on exercise and eating right has never been much of a priority. i'm not technically overweight (depends on the fluctuation within a pound or two) according to my bmi, but i'd prefer to be more in the midrange than threatening to teeter over the edge with a single macaroon. this is difficult with the pain in my joints that can start at any time before & after my infusions. but i intend to get a referral from one of the docs in the clinic where i work & see a rheumatologist to see if physical therapy is the appropriate step or what kind of exercises (swimming, i know!) are best for my circumstances.
i am also completely addicted to the food network. i'm not sure this is a detriment to my goal about eats. not that man vs. food is truly tempting me to go eat 15 dozen oysters or the world's largest donut (i wouldn't mind a bite).
it is going to be quite difficult to remain accountable with s, especially when my suggestion of salmon, asparagus & cottage fries (i know, but i need my starch!) was met with "let's have calzones! i'm buying!" okay, so i crumbled already, but at least i had spinach & mushrooms on mine. i'm planning to do a workout in front of the telly & possibly some extracurricular activities.
besides the health/eating/exercise issues, i need to rein in the procrastination. one of my short term (two weeks) goals before my next appointment with the health coach is to finish writing an article for a children's magazine. obviously with a two week timeframe, i'm not aiming for actually being published, but at the least i want something i will submit for consideration. and not chicken out about the rejection factor.
so wish me luck (or please, nag/ask/encourage). here's hoping that 30 is the best year yet!

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At 2/5/09, 12:32 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

I don't have the same health issues as you do, but I definitely understand the way you feel about eating and exercise. My BMI is like 24.10, and you could not have said it better with your macaroon example! I was planning to go on the South Beach Diet on Sunday, but now I need to eat 2 yogurts a day to avoid a yeast infection while I'm on antibiotics, and I don't know if that fits in with the plan. (And I'm looking for excuses...) You have my support in making the changes that you are seeking, and I'm sure that the article will be great!

At 2/5/09, 8:26 AM, Blogger mar said...

i'm always looking for excuses, too. thanks, suz!
are you sure you don't have similar health issues (not the arthritis, but your mystery gi ailment)?


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