Friday, December 30, 2005


last night i intended to watch hitch and chill. maybe unpack from monday night. and get some gyros. yum. around 6:05pm, h calls me asking if i want to go to a movie in 15 minutes. well heck, i like spontaneity, so i shoved my quesadilla (no coupons for gyros in the addsheet) in my mouth & put my shoes on in time for h to pick me up. we saw memoirs of a geisha. it was okay. i'd read the book last summer, i think. borrowed it from h. i have no knowledge of eastern culture, so it was all pretty new to me, but it's always interesting to get new historical perspectives.
i guess tonight will be hitch. tgif! and this weekend is new year's. as always, no one good to kiss. it figures.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

christ-mas day

well, it's been exactly two months since the last post/comment on this blog.

merry christmas!

on friday after work i drove home 820 miles to surprise my parents. i left ic around 4 o'clock and rolled into the driveway at quarter to six the next morning. it was a harrowing experience from the cities to nd because my driver's side windshield wiper crapped out & it was intensely foggy. but i made it! the lights were on in the kitchen & i opened the garage door to come inside, but the light switch on the garage-side didn't work, so i rang the doorbell. my dad opened the kitchen door & peered out and i hollered 'don't you have any lights in here?'

they were definitely surprised to say the least. and my gran kept it a secret for a whole week! i'm glad i could let her in on the surprise. she was soooo happy to see me.

just opened the presents my parents mailed to me. they got me a dartboard! i can't wait to take it home & hang it up. i'll have to leave as early as i can tomorrow so i can get back at a reasonable time. i want to go out with h on monday night if i'm not too tired.

wishing everyone a blessed christmas and a happy new year (next weekend)!

"Have a holly-jolly Christmas! It's the best time of the year!" ---Burl Ives

ps~i wrote this post because someone told me they missed reading my blog. silly!

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