Friday, June 26, 2009


i'm broke until payday on july 1st. once a month pay periods are a pain in the fanny. it's difficult to stay ahead of the game when the end of the month rolls around.
so until then, i'm going to try to refrain from buying any groceries. especially since s got another flat tire on the way to pick me up from work on wednesday & therefore, i need to buy 4 new tires before our trip back to nd in less than 7 weeks for my baby brother's wedding.
for dinner we are scrounging my pantries and fridge:
spinach salad with tomatoes, radishes and dried cranberries & crumbled goat cheese
baked salmon with dill (dried, not fresh. hey, i said i was scrounging!)
broccoli cheese pasta (one of those lipton bags or whatever)
day old oatmeal raisin cookie from work for dessert

i'd also like to direct my readership to a new food blog by someone i know from the internet pre-blogging.
deb's perfect bite
she has got some tasty recipes, for sure.

also wondering if i should get actual business cards for blogher. i don't exactly have a 'theme' and i'm not really looking for a huge increase in traffic. i'm more of a fangirl than anything else. but it seems like the thing to do, so if i meet even more cool people in real life than those i already know on the interwebs (and some of whom i've been lucky enough to meet in person. suzanne, i'm lookin' at you.) i'd better make my decision soon, since time is running out for printing purposes. i'm getting so excited for this!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009


i really want pancakes for dinner!
that is all.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i realize i've been missing in action lately. part of it can be explained by the increased attention to grover. another issue is that in the past couple of weeks i've been having some blurry vision. some of that could be a result of my colitis. eye inflammation or problems can originate with other inflammatory conditions. i have an appointment with my eye doc on monday. it's not particularly fun & can be somewhat scary. computer eye strain, since i sit in front of a screen all day at work, doesn't seem to be helpful in easing the blurs and floaters when they appear either.
though considering that the hospital is announcing that its 130 layoffs will start today & tomorrow (need to cut $45 million from the budget) maybe i don't need to worry about sitting in front of my work computer anymore. i'm merely a 'support' position, not a healthcare provider & after all, they say they are trying to avoid reducing quality healthcare. we shall see.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

social responsibility

with all this puppy hubbub, i've really been slacking on the blogging. and cleaning. and exercising (not counting the 12 to 15 miles i'm putting in walking to work & then home on my lunch break to let grover out). not such a great thing with blogher coming up & not getting any writing in at all.
grover is truly the cutest puppy on the planet. (okay, all/most puppies are pretty darn adorable.) when he’s not testing boundaries by biting my feet & hands, that is. he's getting better about that & he’s started puppy kindergarten last week. grover just needs to know what’s appropriate around people vs. puppies. and he’s only 14 weeks old as of yesterday.
one of the things i didn’t take into consideration when purchasing my “teddy bear puppy”, as s was calling him last night, was all the attention he’d draw from strangers. obviously i take him outside on a regular basis, multiple times per day, and any time a person, dog or car comes by, grover is fascinated & wants to meet them. considering my self-imposed hermit status, this is not really conducive to avoidance of all living things. either the puppy inserts himself in the stranger’s path (99.9% of the time) or the person spots grover & bombards me with questions and requests to pet the cutest puppy ever. my first response is to swoop in and pick grover up, while making a run for my apartment. i still succumb to this impulse on a number of occasions, particularly when he tugs on the leash to jump on someone or another dog. again, it’s all a learning experience: grover is learning & so are s & i as he’s our first pet.
i guess being more socially available and open to meeting new people isn’t such a bad thing. besides having even less time to do anything. including blogging. perhaps I should look at it as practice for blogher next month. although i still think i'll spend most of my time hiding in corners being a wallflower.

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