Monday, February 07, 2011

outlook: not so good

Unfortunately, I'm not talking about the e-mail program. But luckily, I'm also not talking about S's dad's prognosis. Even though he's not doing so well on the chemo and they've had to reduce the dosage. The daily radiation is fine and hopefully will see results.
The problem is that his former employer has disputed his unemployment claim for misconduct (because he swore at his boss's brother after being being called incompetent among other things). So yeah, that's awesome. It means S has to have a conference call with his former boss and a mediator to tell their sides of the story and then see who they judge is in the right. Which is funny because his boss wasn't even in the state when it happened. And I'm not holding my breath that he'll get to come out on the winning side; this'll be awesome for his PTSD/depression.
On a lighter note, I found cheap(ish) plane tickets to visit my darling baby niece and we're headed to the Great North on Thursday afternoon to spend the weekend. It'll be 4 months since we saw her the first time and by the time we do, she might even be crawling. I'm not much of a baby person, and of course I'm totally biased, but she's the most adorable baby!
Well, lunch break is over. Best get back to it since I'm the only breadwinner in the house now. My joking about being a sugar mama has come true! Oh nos!

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