Saturday, April 03, 2010


even though it's no longer friday (whew! saturdays are so much better as there is no getting up and going to work involved), i'm still glad i made it to friday.
this past week was okay, but the last two weeks at work were complete torture. my boss always takes spring break week off to visit her bf, the plastic surgeon, in la. fine, we knew that and the new girl was aware, but then we found out that both boss & new girl were going to be gone that friday, leaving 2 to do the job of 4. my coworker and i managed to get through the day since half the docs were gone leaving the clinic almost manageable. whew! crisis averted, or so we thought. come monday morning (almost 2 weeks ago now), we show up to discover that boss has an 'emergency' and isn't going to be back that week and no idea when she will be back. not that she bothered to inform us or even be in contact. and the coworker who'd helped me on friday was off half wednesday and all thursday and friday because she was getting a colonoscopy. that left new girl & i alone for two full days and she hadn't even been working in the clinic for much more than a month. what the h#ll!?!? that means we got 30 minutes of break in a 9 hour day (rather than leave the other person alone for a full hour to answer phones, schedule patients at the desk & try to complete orders and paperwork). and these were full clinic days, not slow spring break days.
finally our retired administrator, who came in to inform us that our boss was gone, said that boss would be back tuesday this last week and forwarded us the e-mail. the e-mail she forwarded? boss's out of office message that she'd set up when she originally left for spring break and intended to be back on tuesday the week she was out for 'emergency'! argh!
so apparently something bad went down with bf or his practice or something. and boss showed up on monday, didn't really say anything to us, so we're still in the dark. when one of the receptionists asked if everything was okay she got all teary, then pulled herself together, but didn't say a word about why she was gone or thank us for keeping the place from completely falling apart without her. oh! it still makes me steam! i do understand that 'something' happened and i'm sorry for her for that, but she didn't even really acknowledge the position she put us in at all.
or maybe i'm just being a b#tch...

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