Monday, December 22, 2008


we looked at a puppy tonight at pet central. omg! he's so adorable, 6 weeks old male apricot toy poodle. filled out an adoption application. i'm not sure i'm ready to be a pet parent, but s & i are considering it. there are other people who also want francois, so we'll see. we'd both like a bigger dog if it were more feasible living in town/apartments, but all dogs are cute & deserve a loving home.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

just shoot me

my shoulders hurt from the arthritis and it's only been 2 1/2 weeks since my last infusion. next one scheduled for january 22. makes things difficult to do anything in daily life. it set me off to tears this evening. not sobs or anything, just the rolling down your face kind. and i asked s if he'd shoot me, if i went on humira injections. i imagine it's difficult to poke the needle into your own arm (though i 'spose i could ask diabetics with their daily insulin). i don't think i'd want to do it myself every time. and he said, of course he would.
all these drugs for my colitis are originally intended for rheumatoid arthritis, which seems to be my current existing issue. all the gi symptoms have pretty much been in remission for most of the past year. and the remicade doesn't seem to be lasting as long as it's supposed to, the 6-8 weeks between infusions. humira is only weekly or every other week with the injection you can do yourself. it's an option that i need to discuss with my physician(s).
i realize the ups & downs we've had, but i love s so much for being understanding of my medical condition. he told me i'm wonderful & i returned the compliment. he also said we have a pretty symbiotic relationship, don't we? you need me & i need you. i like to think more that we complement each other because i can be completely myself with him. it feels wonderful to not hide any facet or be embarrassed about your flaws. he's always telling me how beautiful i am, how smart, how sexy, how lucky he is.
i'm a lucky girl.
merry christmas to me!
(and you too!)

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

busy day

yesterday was the busy day i'd been anticipating for almost 2 months. at noon i went to the salon to see danielle, my aveda lady. i've only been to her a total of three times in the last year (december 2007 for a style after my hospital stay, april/may for a cut before m & t's wedding & now december again). she agreed to the fact that i'd been butchered at my last cut at the hair college & vowed to fix it. we'll have to wait until next time to do anything different because she repaired the damage done by the student cutter.
(as soon as i'm on my own computer i'll post a pic)
after that i met s at his place & walked downtown (sans s) to see my friend's booth at 'what a load of craft 5!' a bad@ss craft show in one of the bars. she makes dresses, mostly with vintage fabric & patterns or no pattern at all. she's totally talented. i hung out & got to see her first sale (in less than 2 hours of setting up!), which was exciting.
then, back to hang at the house for an hour until we left for cr & the roughriders game. technically, we got there halfway through the 2nd period of the iowa v. iowa state game. it was pretty passive & we just sat at the top of the rink to watch since it was mostly empty. we hit up cici's pizza for the buffet, just like last year in the blizzard, even though it was just the two of us. their garlic cheese bread bites are delish! and back to the rink with plenty of time to catch the big show. the roughriders were playing the fargo force, which made it hard for me to decide who to root for, but s agreed that fargo was playing much better defense. we quietly cheered them on while surrounded by rabid roughriders fans & some 6 to 7 year old boys at their first hockey game sat behind us asking questions. we also spent part of the game watching an adorable 16 month old baby one row over who was completely enjoying herself & turned out to be the daughter of one of s's nerdy gamer friends.
all in all, it was a good day & we ended the evening by watching the second & third episode (which i hadn't seen & was sooo good!) of pushing daisies. ridiculous that such a good show has been cancelled.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

1st rejection

just over 2 hours turnaround time for my 1st rejection (e-mail).

"So sorry your submission isn’t one for me. Interesting, but I’m afraid I don’t love its premise quite enough to feel I can represent it successfully for you."

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i just hit 'send' on the first (e-)submission of my manuscript. omigosh! omigosh! now i sit & wait for a response/rejection. okay, well i'm in the thick of it now. after procrastinating for months about making the first submission-this to a literary agent- here we go.
i certainly don't expect a positive offer on my first go-around, but i feel a little dizzy that i actually did it. took nearly 4 years to write the thing & now it's mostly out of my hands until someone picks it up & then i'll have to start the editing process.
can i go home now? i'm exhausted. and more than a little nauseous.

greenhouse literary

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

in memoriam

bombing of pearl harbor
67 years ago today.


hair sos

next saturday i finally get my hair cut again. the last time was 4 months ago and the chick at the hair college totally butchered me. i had had a pretty good experience when i went there a year ago, right before i ended up in the hospital, so i thought it would be a safe risk to take when i wanted a last minute cut in august. it was probably my own fault for asking for anything more than layers, because i asked for some bangs. the girl decided that she was gonna go her own way on that. she wanted me to have 'side bangs' & chopped super short on the left side of my head & left it long on the rest of my head. i had to chat with her instructor & be very insistent that she trim the rest of my hair into bangs because it looked completely ridiculous when i put on my glasses. i was not pleased, but what can you expect for $6? now i'm looking for recommendations on haircuts. my hair is long & s, being a guy, would like me to keep the length. you can see about the length it is now in my picture in the sidebar. it's actually at the length that i've got the ol' armpit hair issue. you know, where you raise your arm up & when you bring it back down to your side the hair gets caught because it's so long. that's really only a problem in summer to me when you're all sweaty. not a big deal when you're fully covered by clothing. so, on that note. any suggestions would be appreciated. i'm meeting my future sis-in-law for the first time in less than 3 weeks & i want to look presentable. i promise to post pictures of the new cut after i get back from the hockey game on saturday.

recent pic added~

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