Wednesday, July 06, 2011

birthdays and staplers and dogs, oh my!

Apparently, I haven't even logged into my blog since March as there were comments to be moderated. But now there's an awesome reason to revive the blog and post:

's 50th birthday!

It was 5 years ago that I stumbled on her blog from another internet friend's blogroll and I haven't stopped reading since. S, early on in the relationship, got used to the fact that I talked about all these people whose lives I read but had never met.
And in Chicago in 2009, I did get to meet the wonderful Suebob (never SueBob, it irks her!) and her red stapler. Even though it was broken. Like Laurie, I was a bit intimidated because everyone knows Suebob and who was I? Just a some time blogger who had no business being at a blogging convention, let alone meeting and rooming with one of the coolest gals at the conference. Yet, when I opened the hotel room door for her, it really wasn't like we were meeting for the first time in real life. And that's what's so great about Sue; how welcoming she is, to all.
And I love how much she loves Goldie. She's part of the reason I broke down and adopted Grover, the love of my life. Other people would talk about the hardships of pet ownership and it would give me a second thought, but the love she has for that mutt (& I use that term fondly) is amazing. It shouldn't be considering all the love she has to give for all of her causes. Case in point, her 50 for 50 birthday celebration. Rather than request presents, Sue brought attention to different charities near and dear to her heart for people to send donations if they so choose.
And this is why I love Suebob Davis.
Oh, and because she's cute!

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