Wednesday, October 21, 2009


the past couple days, really only one or two, i've posted on my facebook status about being a little sore from working out. starting a regimen that includes squats and lunges, along with push-ups will do that to you when you've been sedentary & packed on 10lbs in the past couple months. (another reason i haven't posted much lately: too roly-poly to belly up to the computer)
yesterday in the middle of work, my phone buzzes on the desk with a text message. "you're going to make fat fucks like me look bad" from the ex-bf. i was confused, but figured it had to do with my fb status and went about my business until lunch. then i took a closer look. he'd actually sent a longer text before that that i hadn't noticed, rambling on about if my workout was a wii workout or a real one, what was i getting in shape for and why did i need to do that because i was "looking great" at the wedding where we last ran into each other in april. thought that was really odd & vaguely flirtacious, so i brushed it off with a reply about getting in fighting shape for vegas. immediate response: are you and the bf going down to vegas to elope?
yeesh! if we were, i wouldn't tell you. as my lunch was over i waited to respond again and just told him we're not eloping.

then he posts this on fb last night: Axxx Nxxx Its not funny at all how regret kicks you in the balls in a very non subtle way. FML.

which may be in regards to me if that doesn't make me vain. it's been more than 4 years! i know it took me a long time to get over him & now i realize i was an idiot, but he broke up with me! more than once! of course he's a moron because i'm an amazing woman, but move on with your life.

on another end of the spectrum, we're now contemplating a cruise for the fam for my parents' 35th anniversary next june. any recommendations on cruise lines to avoid or try? we're looking for something reasonable, the sis-in-law definitely wants beaches/sun and 5 days because 4 is too short. and she's the only one who's ever been on a cruise before, 3 times.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

halloween costume ideas & absenteeism

yep, been mia for a while now, at least here on my own blog. sorry for the lapse, but there's even more of nothing to write about lately. life is pretty dull, only thing that's been going on is the monotonous day-to-day of work & then nothing of interest when i get home.
we are going to vegas in about 4 weeks so any suggestions or ideas for must-see, must-do, must-eat are welcome.
also, s & i are invited to a halloween/housewarming party on the 30th, so trying to come up with some costume ideas. i wouldn't even bother, but the invite reads "Halloween costumes strongly recommended; if you do not wear one, one will be provided for you." which frightens me. here are some of the ideas i've been tossing around:

salt & pepper
jack & jill
plug & socket
mac 'n cheese
pumpkin pi
a salt & battery
hansel & gretel
pair of dice
hurry up & wait
almond joy & mounds
upper & lower gi
lady & the tramp
burger king & dairy queen
spoon & fork
sick & tired
war & peace
peace & quiet
princess & the pea
nuts & bolts

(if you need to inquire as to what any of these actually involve, just ask.)
lunch break is almost over & i'm working 8 to 6 today because i'm leaving early for some errands on wednesday & we're now required to work late one night a week because apparently no one returns calls to schedule appointments between the hours of 8-to-5 despite numerous messages. they're hoping we'll catch people at home from 5 to 6 and get them scheduled. ha! didn't work the last two times we tried it, but hey, they're all about beating a dead horse.

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