Tuesday, March 28, 2006


there are many positive things to living on your own: drinking straight out of the orange juice carton (i did this just last night *blush*), strolling around in the all-together, leaving laundry on the bathroom floor until i'm good and ready to pick it up, and on and on. but at the moment i can’t think of any to really outweigh living with someone. sure, i could get a roommate, but with every passing day i get more and more set in my ways. i don’t think i could stand to change for just anyone. that i'd have to adjust only to have to make that evolution again, be it for another roommate or *fingers crossed* a real live boy, is beyond my crotchety capacity. i want to find that certain someone i'm supposed to be with, to crowd and annoy, and share with and kick in the shins in my sleep, to dry the dishes after i've washed them, to cuddle on the sofa while i read & he watches sports i don’t understand (except when i cheer for the cubs) and maybe even love and be loved back. yep, that’s what i'm looking for. except that i'm not looking. don't they say that’s when it’ll find you? after you’ve stopped looking? *sigh*
yep, i'd like a roommate, but not just any old roommate.

"so i fall, on my knees, to get back on my feet again." ---ten shekel shirt

Monday, March 20, 2006

book list

recent reading
(in no specific order)
pride & prejudice jane austen
a tree grows in brooklyn betty smith
the stranger/the fall albert camus
to kill a mockingbird harper lee
fear & loathing in las vegas hunter s thompson
the island of the blue dolphins scott o'dell
charlotte's web eb white
live! from golgotha gore vidal
agamemon, the libation bearers, prometheus bound, the suppliants, the persians, seven against thebes aeschylus
the girl with the silver eyes will davis roberts
prime cut/sticks & scones diane mott davidson
peter pan jm barrie
the historian elizabeth kostova
portrait of the artist as a young man james joyce
prep curtis sittenfeld
harry potter & the half-blood prince jk rowling
the curious incident of the dog in the night-time mark haddon
james and the giant peach roald dahl
a walk to remember nicholas sparks
the education of little tree forrest carter
my sister's keeper jodi picoult
ishmael/my ishmael daniel quinn

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