Friday, April 27, 2007

minor update

okay, so it's been exactly 6 months since i last updated. plenty going on, i suppose. nothing too much to interest the masses.

fall-went on dates with a couple nice fellas. my brother's home from iraq & i went to nashville for thanksgiving.
winter-settled on one fella in particular. was thwarted in my attempts to return home for christmas. stupid weather! home for less than 30 hours.
birthday/v-day -fantastic! even though i'm now officially in my late 20s, i finally had someone wonderful to spend it with.
spring-i guess it's barely spring now (especially with this nutso weather), but thus far it's been going well. the first week of april i returned home to attend my grandma's funeral. that still hurts.

planning to move out of my apartment in the summer & all things that that entails. first time i'll have a roommate in 6 years, since college. first ever having a male roommate.
over the next year i have a number of weddings/ceremonies to attend and i'm finally looking forward to them. haven't had all that much interest in weddings up to this point, but since i'm going to be in one that has changed slightly. we've got end of june, possibly october and then next june (mandy's!) and july in guatemala. and those are only the ones i'm positive are happening. i maintain that i will elope when it comes time. too much planning for me!
well, that's enough of a recap for the moment. i will try to keep current on this, my first blog. i've also updated my listening/reading/viewing preferences.


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