Friday, November 06, 2009

the horror of friday the 6th

nobody ever talks about the bad luck present on friday the 6th. usually i'm more a proponent of booing monday the 13th. a combination of garfield, a case of the mondays and triskaidekaphobia.
so this morning has been a real treat thus far. it started when i took grover out this morning and i nearly concussed myself. i bent over to take off his collar in the entryway and when i stood up, bashed my head on the stair railing. this, of course, was not enough of a way to begin the day. while attempting to dab some rubbing alcohol on the bruised spot, i oversaturated the cotton ball and dripped a big drop in my eye. as i'm flailing around, my major concern is dumping over the nearly full bottle on the counter and yell at s to come help me. eventually i managed to rinse my eye out and it only stings a little now. on the way out the door to work, i bent over to pick up grover and put him in his crate and i heard a ripping/popping noise. yep, split my pants. admittedly, they’re over 10 years old and very well worn, but that doesn’t make me feel much better.
if this is how friday the 6th is, can you imagine what traveling on friday the 13th will be like next week? don't even want to know what else is going to happen today! hopefully i won’t have anymore updates.

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