Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 years

today is grover's first birthday. can't believe my baby puppy is a whole year old and that we've had him for almost 10 months. (at the moment, he's hanging over the arm of the couch and digging through his toy box for something else to play with.)
i also realized that i missed my 5 year blogiversary. apparently i started blogging in january of 2005. whoa! that's kindof unbelievable. and it makes me think i'd better get back on this blogging horse for the umpteenth time. perhaps i'll have something of a portfolio or theme by the time blogher rolls around. or at least get back to work on my book i haven't touched in over a year. yowza! bad mar!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010


so apparently s arranged with my mom to buy me tickets to blogher '10. i just filed his taxes this afternoon and went to check my e-mail before bed. i saw 2 confirmation e-mails for my tickets with my parents' e-mail address. mom said i'd better ask s about it. pretty much spent his whole tax refund because i do things for him all the time. and so, besides buying the plane ticket, i guess i'm gonna be crashing at suzanne's place. good thing she knows i don't snore.
that explains why he kept asking me when the early bird deadline was. aww....

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