Monday, September 11, 2006


where was i?
first year of grad school and it was only a couple weeks into the semester. i remember getting ready to head to the lecture i ta'd for and i had the news on in the living room. i had just stepped out of the shower and heard them discussing that a plane had crashed into the world trade center. got dressed, then i watched in disbelief as the second plane slammed into the other building. the worn brown carpet bit into my knees as i continued to stare at this seemingly impossible scene. was this some twisted movie trailer or 'war of the worlds' rip?
it didn't even dawn on me until i was sitting in dr h's office after he'd dismissed lecture for the day that i was wearing my dig 2000 israel shirt on. at that point, no one knew exactly the cause of the attack. jason pointed out that anything related to the middle east could be considered a threat by the ignorant. i wasn't about to change the way i lived my life, where i went and what i wore simply because some hateful group threatened my country.
it took nearly two weeks before i finally heard back from all my friends in the nyc & dc area. everyone was fine, but so much loss. one friends brother was a firefighter in nyc, who saw his best friend fall right in front of his eyes. i can't imagine how painful it must have been and must still be today for those who were there.

13,999 words

that is the number of words i have written on my manuscript thus far. after a disconcerting hiccup just over a week ago that is where things currently stand. i'm pleased as punch that it's gone this far, but there's still so much work left to do. probably only about a third of the way done and i can't imagine how much longer that will take. my dedication wavers on an almost daily basis. after all, when it's finished there's the distinct possibility of rejection if and when i ever submit it for publication.

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